We are  EnviroAg Services

EnviroAg Services specialise in Conservation and Land Management, Soil assessment including waste water management, contaminated ground investigation and Agricultural soil chemistry. Various other scientific consultancies are available such as Flora and Fauna assessments. EnviroAg Services operates from premises situated in Bungendore N.S.W. Bungendore is in close proximity to Canberra, EnviroAg Services is an equal opportunity employer. EnviroAg Services employ local people and also sponsor local land care groups.  

During the past 12 years EnviroAg Services have managed and controlled a vast range of environmental remediation services. These services extend beyond simple chemical use and incorporate physical and management strategies to control plant and animal invasive species. EnviroAg Services specialise in using ground breaking and innovative practices which cohabit with the environment including but not limited to environmentally sensitive areas.

Who we are

Robert Le Gay Brereton

Managing Director

Robert has over 30 years experience in the consulting and services area. He has grown up on the land and has a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management. Robert has a science background and draws from the work of environmentalists and ecologists who pioneered environmental awareness and conservation in Australia 1960’s and 1970’s. Robert applies research and science to the services and consultancies EnviroAg offers, ensuring that all consultations and services are progressive and future-minded.

We are always looking to recruit talented and passionate people to work at EnviroAg Services. 

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