Vertebrate Pest Management

EnviroAg Services offers feral animal management services in the Southern Highlands, South Coast and Canberra districts. We establish and implement control plans for our clients to control and eradicate feral animals. We work on a wide range of pest control services, specialising in rabbits, foxes and pigs.

We offer competitive rates and apply Integrated Pest Management strategies such as rabbit baiting, warren fumigation and warren ripping.

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Further Rabbit Information and Control Steps

Our Management Strategies

The emphasis of any control program should be on effective management and control to reduce the damage to production and conservation values in the most cost-effective way.

We employ a five-step management strategy to control vertebrate pests:

  1. Inspect the problem
  2. Monitor (e.g. spotlighting)
  3. Map area
  4. Design and implement a sustained control program aimed at eradication
  5. Initial control methods (e.g. warren destruction, trapping, poisoning)

Warren destruction is the most effective method for long-term rabbit control. However, landholders should adopt an integrated control approach incorporating appropriate strategies that EnviroAg Services can offer at competitive rates.

Follow-up control is essential. If only the initial control methods cited above are used then population recovery for most vertebrate pest animals is good-to-excellent. For example and with regard to rabbits, follow-up control methods such as surface harbour destruction and warren destruction is essential to reduce the potential for population recovery.

We carry out pest control in Canberra, Queanbeyan, Yass, Murrumbateman, Goulburn, Palerang Shire including Bungendore and Braidwood, South Coast, Cooma-Monaro, Wingecarribee and many more.

Additional information is also available from the Bureau of Rural Sciences’ rabbit handbook.

The government database and website for feral animals also provides excellent information on the control and management of vertebrate pests in Australia.

For additional information please refer to this powerpoint (PDF) -Download Here

For more information on pests in Australia, visit:

The Department of Environment